Starting From Scratch

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Starting  From Scratch is a short book by Lucky Star Communication project by Sara Vanessa C Rodrigues da Silva, that is meant to motivate you to pursue your entrepreneurial dream. Unless you are fortunate to have a lot of support right off the bat, you are bond to face inner fears and limitations. These are natural in all of us, but how to overcome them? The rough of it is a part of life. Many people shame others for starting from scratch, but there is no shame in it, instead there are many invaluable lesson that one only learns if one is to go through it. In our short book we offer you practical ways to look at those fears and then move on on them. Mindset is almost everything! And with an empowered mindset come a lot of yummy supportive emotions to help us along the way. Business Motivation is not pep talk only, at Communications Star we want to suggest you pragmatic possible solutions that you can try out at this very moment. Read more at your earliest convenience, by clicking on your favorite digital bookstore symbol below. Also, feel free to contact us with questions, ideas, comments and suggestions.

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