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Starting From Scratch


Are you Starting From Scratch as well? Great! Join us 🙂 This short book offers you and your dream startup motivation and inspiration while discussing few topics related to Business. Read about inner limitations we all go through and how to overcome them! Yes, we offer you and your business practical EI solutions that you can apply as fast as now and keep moving. Contrary to popular belief, emotions have a great hold on us and our decisions, in life and in work. Many times, it is not that we do not feel our work doesn’t have value, but we feel that way. We could go on and argue about the causes of this: society overthinking mode, society looking down on emotions / feelings and feeling people, and so many others, but in practice they will not resolve the way we feel about our dreams and their potential and value in the world. That is why we have decided to write this short book, with practical solutions and points of view that everyone can think about and apply as soon as now. We hope you like it and if you do, feel free to share it with your peers and colleagues! Thank you for being here. We appreciate your business 🙂

Lucky Star Communication

Introverts In Business

Introverts In Business is a simple book that has as major objective inspiring you to live your entrepreneurial dreams being an introvert. If you ever felt that you could not become an entrepreneur because you are more to yourself than other people, then this book is for you. If you respect other people and do not go over them or their will and feel business is not a field of work where that happens, then this book is for you. Come on Introvert! Join me in this! I am an INFJ too! 🙂

Introverts In Business will enunciate several different positive aspects to having introverts working in business. Read about your most awesome unique traits that you have forgotten about… Not only I look forward to motivating you, I also look forward to working with you. Are you a sensitive introvert? Would you like to collab on some cool digital project? Books? Speaking? Something awesome and super communicative? Well, well then contact me, let’s get it done! I look forward to motivate you to move forward! Never mind the bullies and keep moving forward! Read it now on your favorite digital bookstore!

Lucky Star Communication


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